"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" – Victor Hugo

Hello and welcome. The purpose of this website is to engage public input in conceptualizing a “best” public fitness park design that will allow citizens like you to workout outside in your local park. Imagine a structure designed to accommodate as many exercises as can be conceived; a structure made locally out of common inexpensive materials that will last forever, much like the bars and ring at Kits and Second Beaches. Imagine a structure that can be placed in every park and fit in as naturally as a kid’s playground. Imagine working out outdoors. Imagine not having to visit public gyms, which in the age of the smart phone, have become large reading rooms with exercise equipment as the seating. If you’re someone who eschews the gym scene, embraces the outdoors, and currently schleps around town looking for a park somewhere to ad lib a comprehensive, full-body workout, your input is valued and wholeheartedly welcomed.

Why explore outdoor fitness training options now? Let’s look at two primary motivators: COVID-19 and global warming. First, weight training indoors; that is, bodies packed into gyms is not looking so attractive these days. Indoor, close-quarter exercise facilities pose an elevated risk of acquiring airborne diseases like colds, influenza and COVID-19. Second, Vancouver, already with a mild climate is becoming milder which makes working-out outdoors possible nearly all year round. The outdoor gym as an alternative to packed indoor gyms is now in ascension. But, there is currently no “Best Fitness Park” in our fair city just when we need it the most. Well, let’s not wait around. Join us BFP in thinking outside the plyo box to imagine Vancouver’s Best Fitness Park right here. Participate in the conversation and add your ideas (text and drawings) to enhance this public discussion. Stay tuned!