The idea to conceptualize a best fitness park design is born out of necessity. Until recently, COVID-19 had shut down all the gyms in Vancouver and almost anyone without an inside option who wanted to train was forced to source a workout outside. While there are several fitness structures throughout the city, everywhere we went to workout, we found fundamental design obstacles were getting in the way of a full-body, functional workout. Upon exploring Vancouver’s existing and planned fitness parks, we ask these basic questions: 1. Do the manufacturers of these structures try to workout on their products before they’re sold to municipalities and schools? (Answer: judging by the designs out there, we don’t think they do) 2. Do municipalities and schools think about what they need and want before putting a fitness park construction out to tender? (Answer: they mustn’t) 3. Why do public agencies ignore or accept design the functional design limitations of the equipment, the inflated costs of associated with non-domestic manufacturing, and try to choose the best of the substandard options available on the market? (Answer: it’s easier to pick from a catalogue of existing products than to imagine what you can build, cheaply, easily, locally) It seems to us the answers to these questions are no-brainers in so many ways.