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Hello and welcome citizens of Vancouver, BC. The purpose of this website will be to engage public input in conceptualizing a “best” public fitness park design that would empower citizens like you to workout outside in your local park. Imagine working out outdoors in any park on a structure designed to accommodate as many exercises as can be conceived. Imagine a structure made locally out of common inexpensive materials that’ll last forever, much like the bars and ring at Kits and Second Beaches. Imagine a structure that can be easily retrofitted into any park and fit in as naturally as a kid’s playground. Imagine not having to rely exclusively on indoor gyms, which in the age of the smart phone, have become reading rooms with exercise equipment as the seating. If you’re someone who’d love to workout outdoors on purpose-built structures but currently schleps around town looking for somewhere to improvise a workout, your input is valued and welcomed.

Launching July 1, 2024

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